Bill Status Report
12-18-2014 - 16:16:59

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HB 1002    Sabin, Warwick (D)
Woods, Jon (R)
To amend and make clarifications to ethics laws. (shell bill)
Bill History: 11-17-14 H Filed

HB 1003    Meeks, Stephen (R) Removes prohibitive-cost exemption for public entities installing shielded outdoor lighting, instead creating a waiver process; places requirements on lighting installations for highways and signage, prohibits excessive light trespass, more.
Bill History: 11-18-14 H Filed

HB 1005    McElroy, Mark (D) Authorizes county property transfers to municipalities or other counties, in exchange for services, money or other consideration.
Bill History: 11-24-14 H Filed

HB 1008    Murdock, Reginald (D) To amend laws concerning bidding practices for construction of publicly funded projects; to amend laws concerning retainage of funds in construction contracts. (Shell bill)
Bill History: 12-08-14 H Filed

SJR 1    Williams, Eddie Joe (R) To propose an amendment to the Constitution regarding civil claims and court procedures. (shell resolution)
Bill History: 11-17-14 S Filed

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