Bill Status Report
12-05-2016 - 17:47:51

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HB 1003   
Fite, Charlene (R) Creates an income tax exemption for uniformed services retirement benefits and associated survivor benefits, effective beginning with the 2017 tax year.
SB 13 English, Jane (Same As)
  11-29-16 S Filed
Bill History: 11-15-16 H Filed

HB 1004   
Blake, Charles (D) Amends the constitution to create an automatic voter registration process that requries county clerks to register voters based on driver's license/identification card issuance data received from the state.
Bill History: 11-17-16 H Filed

HB 1005   
Tucker, Clarke (D)
Ingram, Keith (D)
Makes coordinated electioneering communications, defined as broadcasts, cable or satellite communications, a reportable in-kind contribution to the party who is clearly identified in the communication; requires reporting of covered transfers.
Bill History: 11-17-16 H Filed

HB 1006   
Tucker, Clarke (D)
Teague, Larry (D)
Creates enhanced penalties for the offense of abuse of public trust, creating Class B and C felonies for certain amounts over $5,000. Reducing to a misdemeanor amounts less than $500. Applies offense to persons elected but not yet occupying offices.
Bill History: 11-17-16 H Filed

HB 1008   
Tucker, Clarke (D)
Ingram, Keith (D)
Creates enhanced penalties for taking campaign funds as personal income, creating Class B, C and D felonies for certain amounts over $500, and creating a misdemeanor for amounts less than $500.
Bill History: 11-17-16 H Filed

HB 1011   
Sabin, Warwick (D)
Ingram, Keith (D)
Prohibits political action committees from making direct contributions to other political action committees.
Bill History: 11-18-16 H Filed

HB 1012   
Sabin, Warwick (D)
Ingram, Keith (D)
Prohibits candidates from accepting direct contributions from political action committees.
Bill History: 11-18-16 H Filed

HB 1015   
Gray, Michelle (R) Provides that municipalities of the second class are not required to ensure that voters in a local election have a voting precinct in each ward, but only if the county board of election commissioners has established vote centers.
Bill History: 11-21-16 H Filed

HB 1018   
Cozart, Bruce (R) Amends procedures for municipal annexation of surrounding unincorporated lands.
Bill History: 11-22-16 H Filed

HB 1023   
Boyd, Justin (R)
Irvin, Missy (R)
Authorizes municipal clerks to administer oaths of office to municipal officers.
Bill History: 11-28-16 H Filed

HB 1026   
House, Douglas (R) Extends the 120-day deadline for promulgating rules to govern medical marijuana to 180 days, and extends the deadline for accepting dispensary applications from June 1 to July 1, 2017, the beginning of the 2017-18 fiscal year.
Bill History: 11-30-16 H Filed

HB 1028   
Lemons, Tim (R) Exempts from sales and use taxes buses and other motor vehicles with seating capacity of at least fifteen passengers that are used to carry passengers or cargo for hire. Excludes school and public transit buses.
Bill History: 12-01-16 H Filed

SB 2   
Ingram, Keith (D)
Burch, LeAnne (D)
Prohibits candidates from accepting contributions for an election cycle before the end of the immediately preceding general election.
Bill History: 11-18-16 S Filed

SB 9   
Clark, Alan (R) Creates a sales tax exemption for merchandise withdrawn from stock for donation to a nonprofit, public educational institution, church, or individual with damaged property or loss in a natural disaster.
Bill History: 11-23-16 S Filed

SB 14   
Stubblefield, Gary (R) Prohibits municipalities from enacting sanctuary policies that grant to illegal immigrants the right to lawful presence within, that prohibit law enforcement from asking about immigration status, or limit contact with federal immigration authorities.
Bill History: 12-02-16 S Filed

SB 19   
Stubblefield, Gary (R) Creates an enhanced sentence for violence against persons who are actual or perceived first responders or law enforcement officers. Includes family or spouse of first responders or officers when that connection is an element of the offense.
Bill History: 12-02-16 S Filed

SJR 1   
Hendren, Jim (R) Amends the constitution to repeal the fiscal legislative session provision and revert the state budget to a two-year appropriation cycle. Allows a vote of 2/3 majority to extend a regular session beyond 75 days (currently requires 3/4 majority)
Bill History: 11-17-16 S Filed

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