Healthcare and Health Insurance
01-18-2019 - 17:24:39

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HB 1101   
Sullivan, Dan (R) Prohibits the Arkansas Medicaid Program from providing a cost settlement reimbursement to a Medicaid provider that is not a state agency or governmental body.
Position: Neutral
Bill History: 01-03-19 H Filed
01-14-19 H Introduced and referred to H-Public Health, Welfare and Labor
01-15-19 H 1 Amendment(s) Filed
01-16-19 H Amendment 1 adopted
01-17-19 H Meeting set for 9:00 a.m. - Room 130 ...H-Public Health, Welfare and Labor

HB 1125   
Evans, Brian (R) Prohibits an insurer from requiring payment for healthcare services through gift cards, credit cards or virtual credit cards and prohibits risk-sharing payments from utilizing these instruments if the payment method charges the physician a processing fee.
Position: Neutral
Bill History: 01-10-19 H Filed
01-14-19 H Introduced and referred to H-Insurance and Commerce
01-23-19 H Meeting set for 10:00 a.m. - Room 149 ...H-Insurance and Commerce

HB 1150   
House, Douglas (R) Adds qualifying medical conditions for the prescription of medical marijuana.
Position: Amend-Monitor
Bill History: 01-14-19 H Filed
01-15-19 H Introduced and referred to H-Rules
01-22-19 H Placed on the House calendar
01-17-19 H 1 Amendment(s) Filed
01-23-19 H Meeting set for 11:59 a.m. - TBA ...H-Rules

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