01-18-2019 - 17:24:39

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Track: Transportation   Request Date: 0- 0-0000 thru 99-99-9999

HB 1024   
Rye, Johnny (R) Reallocates tax revenues collected on the sales of new and used motor vehicles, trailers or semitrailers, providing that the first $150,000,000 be distributed under the Arkansas Highway Distribution Law, remainder to be deposited in State Treasury.
Position: Neutral
Bill History: 12-06-18 H Filed
01-14-19 H Introduced and referred to H-Revenue and Taxation

SB 71   
Sample, Bill (R) Requires the appointments to the State Highway Commission that are made to ensure one member is a appointed from each of the state's four federal congressional districts reflect the districts as they exist at the time of appointment.
Position: Neutral
Bill History: 01-10-19 S Filed
01-14-19 S Introduced and referred to S-Transportation, Technology & Leg. Affairs

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