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01-18-2019 - 17:24:39

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HB 1177   
Meeks, Stephen (R) Prohibits any employer from requiring the implantation of a microchip into an employee against his will and provides that if consent is given the employer must comply and bear all expenses when an employee requests removal.
Position: Neutral
Bill History: 01-16-19 H Filed
01-16-19 H Introduced and referred to H-Public Health, Welfare and Labor
01-17-19 H Meeting set for 9:00 a.m. - Room 130 ...H-Public Health, Welfare and Labor

SB 115   
Ballinger, Bob (R)
Cavenaugh, Frances (R)
Creates exemptions to the Minimum Wage Act, including employers with fewer than 50 employees, employers that are schools or institutions of higher education, and nonprofits.
Position: Amend-Support
Bill History: 01-16-19 S Filed
01-16-19 S Introduced and referred to S-Public Health, Welfare and Labor

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